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Rewiring Your Brain  with Dr. Richard Rose.

Talkback radio show on MushroomFM radio. 

Coaching Not Just for Sports show with Susan Roberts on 102.3 FM ESPN radio in Denver.

Voice of Russia radio with Ric Young. Aired live on 7/29/12 in Washington DC and New York.  

Jiggy Jaguar Show. Aired live on 7/25/12.

Changing the World One Invention At A Time with Rick Rowe on Toginet.com. 


Excerpt of Sit Stay Succeed entitled Dog Days of Work published by Training Magazine on 1/21/13.

How Your Dog Man Hold the Key to Training and Coaching Employees. Published by CUES cumanagement.org on 4/11/11.   

Charlie Sheen's Career, What Not to Do. Published by AOL Jobs 3/2/11  

Why Batman is a Better Role Model for Gen Y. Published by AOL Jobs 2/9/11.

 Batman the Mentor. Published by CUES cumanagement.org on 8/10/10.

Review of Promotions Are Not Served At The Deli Counter by Paym Bergson on suite101.com. 

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